Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting the Dots of your Business:

Once a science fiction, the concept of smart home is now a reality: from a fan or AC you can remotely control with your smart phone to AI powered home assistants. We can hear your question...what does it mean for my business and is it worth all that effort and money?

Codelattice offers efficient solutions that can gather data from intelligent sensors to provide actionable, cost-effective business insights. We can help you define, assess and implement IoT blue print for your business. We can harness AI and Analytics to help you create new profit centres and become efficient to step ahead of your competitors.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smooth Business Operations:

Irrespective of the industry, we can help you connect the various digital services of your business and enable streamlined, smooth Business Operations. We offer services from ideation through operations to build an ecosystem of interconnected, end-to-end process & help you realize tangible, significant benefits from IoT.

The data from IoT with its trends observed by our experts can help improve the efficiency of your processes. The data derived from these intelligent digital devices can be used to predict demands, resource needs, quality control and can help you streamline your business operations.

Smarter Decisions

Smart devices/sensors can be attached to anything, from toys to aircrafts, record data and send it to the cloud. This data can be used for feedback, monitoring, reporting, etc. We can help you find the trends & identify new opportunities from this data. You can leverage the insights drawn for this data to make quicker and better business decisions.

IoT can help the management team identify the critical questions it needs answering for success of the organization. Our solutions can let you percolate relevant data to each & everyone in the organization to facilitate informed data-driven decisions at every level.

Transformed Business Models

We can help you understand how IoT can affect/change your business in future and what value-add would be provided to the consumers. You can decide on the fundamental tilt in your business model based on the implications. Be it Retail with automated check-out; real-time, in-store promotions or office space with energy monitoring, activity monitoring or health care with illness monitoring or improving wellness, we can provide you the best solution.

Informed Customer Value Propositions

IoT-enables Apps or Products can connect you directly with your customers and provide real-time information. This can help you better understand your customers and their future needs to make them a part of your offering. Using IoT, we can identify the inefficiencies in your customer journeys and help improve the same.