We live in a rapidly changing world. Businesses today have to adapt to entirely new marketing channels, decide how to invest and utilize emerging technologies and compete on global stage. Customers expect brands to deliver a provide a flawless user experiences when they interact with a brand. The rate of change in an organization's outlook should be proportional to the rate of change in the expectation of the customers inorder to be still in love with the brand. Therefore a flawless digital experience is never a fixed but instead a constantly evolving area of a brands life. Humanizing technology is the way forward to offer personalized and flawless experience.


Livelattice is our answer to personalizing business with technology. Livelattice is an AI chatbot which can constantly converse with your customer -anytime and from anywhere. Livelattice can be programmed to give automated answers to repetitive questions immediately, thus reducing your employees workload & allowing them to work on more important tasks.

How can Livelattice help?

Support to customers

Support to customers - Singapore

Livelattice is an intuitive AI bot which learns from every interaction with the customers. Livelattice can be programmed to guide your prospects through your products/services and provide value by helping them choose. It is a scalable bot which can engage every prospect with quick response times. It can blend in to the business processes and share tasks with its human counterparts, so no customer has to wait.

Booking by conversation

Booking by conversation - Singapore

Livelattice orchestrates better online interactions with your customers and focuses on driving direct booking for hotels, camps, movies and golf. Livelattice's AI powered booking engine moves the booking journey away from one-size-fits-all model and makes it dynamic, relevant and tailored to each customers' needs. Customers can find quickly what they are looking for with lesser waiting times. Livelattice also tracks and analyses each conversation to intuitively understand customer preferences. With every conversation, Livelattice learns and evolves to have a personalized conversation with your clients based on their inputs. It can record every conversation for you to access anytime, thus giving you a valuable intel before meeting your guests.

Shopping by chat

Shopping by chat - Singapore

Livelattice can be integrated with a shopping cart to allow your customers the ease of shopping by chat. Livelattice can chat with your customers and provide instant answer to their queries, thus reducing their waiting time. It can connect with prospects proactively and keep them updated on your products/services/offers, etc. Livelattice can avert shopping cart abandonment by reminding consumers about unfinished orders. Livelattice can be integrated into websites easily with just a copy+paste. It can help you monitor customer data and gain useful insights. It doesn't take sick leaves or coffee breaks and saves you money. It can taught to perform its tasks easily and saves time. It multiplies your productivity by being scalable in no-time at low cost.

Campingnavigator - Singapore
Robbert J. Meerpoel
CEO - Campingnavigator, Netherlands

For more than 30 years, Campingnavigator has been a leading publishing company on the Dutch campsite market. Since the first paper guide in 1983, Campingnavigator has transformed itself into an online portal with thousands of campsites throughout Europe. Our partnership with Codelattice is helping us deliver a delightful experience to our customers by leveraging NLP, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Codelattice is one-of-a-kind of the partner who best fits our vision and beliefs.

The Characters & Dialogues

The Characters & Dialogues - Singapore

Shaini T M

Chief Robot Whisperer

We are on the cusp of change with many predicting that AI will usher us in to the next stage of disruptive innovations. AI Conversation Engines will work to understand the individual over a period of time & learn the nuances of user's requests, thus personalizing to improve customer experience.

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