Portal Development

Often mistaken for website development, portals are different from website by way of its services like search engine, forums, email, online shopping experience and its usability. Web Portals can expand your business as it presents information retrieved from various sources in a consolidated layout.

Payment Gateways: Codelattice ensures that third party integrations are with verified vendors for ease of transaction and other aligned activities.

Portal Development

Creative solutions: Codelattice offers innovative and aesthetic solutions which are easy to personalise.

Technical Expertise: With powerful collaboration tools and a support system that ensures fast loading pages, ease of information and secured connections, Codelattice is the way to go.

Customised Platform: We provide intuitive and interactive solutions with message boards, polling system, blog communities, discussion forums, real time chat and video chat to suit your requirements.

Platforms: Java, JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, Silverlight, .NET, PHP, Python

Database: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL