Web Application

Web based applications provide an intricate framework to connect, communicate and collaborate with your customers or partners & promote your brand. These dynamic value centres give the advantages of accessibility at all places & at all times, ease of customisation for users and various devices. Our spectrum of services includes simple website applications to complex internet applications, e-business applications and social network services. Whether you need simple tools to collate data, an advanced system to manage intricate business processes, an engaging system for your customers or a compelling system to ease their decision making, we have the perfect solution for you.

Interactive User Interface: With a rich interface that can weave in all the complex utilities required, our solutions are adaptable to increased workload.

Ease & Dependability: Our web applications come equipped with a secure connection, simplified maintenance and easy installation, if any.

Engage Audiences: With innovation and strategic inputs from our design team, you can look forward to increased audience participation.

Measuring success: The web based solutions provided by Codelattice are solutions that can easily be measured for onward analysis

Platforms: Java, JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, Silverlight, .NET, PHP, Python

Database: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL

Client Server Technologies: UNIX/Linux/C/C++, VB, Visual C/C++

Web Application