Artificial Intelligence

Disrupt & not be disrupted

Business disruption is not a rare exception or just a passing trend anymore but a sure phenomenon. Today changes happen like tsunami in the business world and success is not defined by size. Disruptive change for success depends on the performing efficiently, exploiting new avenues of profits with agility, responding to change decisively & quickly.

Codelattice with its AI tools and expertise can help you disrupt & not be disrupted by Acceleration, Advancement and Adaptation.

Lots of Data & Lack of Insights makes only trash

There is no dearth of data these days. Yes, businesses are bombarded with data every second in various formats and languages. Data is only as valuable as the insights drawn out of them, else it is just trash.

We, at Codelattice build powerful apps with Artificial Intelligence for you to see, hear, understand and interpret your data and create new intelligence to disrupt and outpace your competitors.

Artificial Intelligence

The 3 D's for Disruption

D 1. Discover new data and insights & Accelerate

Accelerating your speed of execution involves the right information at the right time. We can help you get new ways of looking at data, untrapping information, getting meaningful insights and giving it in the desired format through a variety of tools.

Knowledge Studio

Data from Social Media is totally unstructured - pictures, videos, hashtags, messages, likes, etc. We can unlock meaningful insights from this unstructured data for your business.

Document Conversion

Documents not in the right file type for you to use? We can convert documents in to multiple languages and file types easier for interpreting them.

Natural Language Understanding

Analyze text to extract meta-data from content such as concepts, keywords, entities and more.

Natural Language Classifier

Interpret and classify natural language with confidence.

Visual Recognition

Visual recognition can help you in a number of ways, be it understanding fashion trends or identifying the age group of your customers. We help you tag, classify and search visual content such as images using machine learning.

D 2. Develop a culture of Growth & Advance

We help you define new niches outside your profit areas by developing content, utilizing the knowledge you have acquired or expanding in to a new geography

Language Translator

Expanding operations in a new geography? We can simplify your work by translating text from one language to another using AI in a jiffy.

Retrieve and Rank

AI can aid your customer service professionals such as support staff, contact agents, field technicians & other professionals find relevant results quickly from a huge amount of documents.

Speech to text

No time to record information in text? We can convert audio and voice in to written text using AI for quick understanding of content especially in verticals like healthcare where every second counts.

Text to speech

We convert written text in to natural sounding audio in a variety of languages and voices for your interactive audio kiosks, Customer Care Centres, Health care, Learning a new language, Audio Books, etc

Personality Insights

AI can help you make personalized recommendations by predict personality characteristics, needs and values through written text

D 3.Define Customer Experiences & Adapt

Build a better experience for your customers and business everyday and create value through transforming customer journeys

Virtual Agent

Employ a chatbot as a customer service agent in the language and gender voice you prefer to improve the response time and scale as per your call volume. Deploy them across a variety of channels including mobile devices, messaging platforms and even robots.

Dynamic News

Infuse dynamic news content in to every app you build for your business

Personalized Reco

Suggest products and services to your consumers based on their personality traits, age group, needs and values by analyzing their habits and purchase characteristics

Tone Analyzer

Understand your audience better by analyzing their emotions, social tendencies and perceived writing style using AI.