Taking advantage of cloud-based managed services:

Our lives and ways of doing business have been fundamentally changed by the cloud. Now that we have reached the next step in our managed services journey, we are entering a new phase. With Amazon Web Services, things are easier, faster, and, in many cases, less expensive. They were able to resolve many of the problems that were faced by on-premise data centers or traditional hardware systems. While AWS brought new complexities and concerns to the mix, it also introduced new concerns. As a result, how Cloud Managed Services are deployed and operated in the Amazon Web Services environment differs from how they are operated in a traditional on-premise environment.

Providers of managed AWS services

Many businesses consider Managed AWS Services(Amazon Web Services) a first-choice provider of the cloud because of its impressive performance and low costs. Nevertheless, you must ensure you have the right managed AWS services for your business to get the most from your cloud solutions and maximize productivity.

AWS Announcing Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus

It is a scalable, secure, and highly available service that makes it easier for customers to monitor containerized applications with Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, a service developed by AWS, a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN). Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus is fully compatible with open-source Prometheus and offers the same familiar time series data model and Prometheus Query Language (PromQL) customers use to monitor containerized applications.

Fully managed, Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus automatically scales the infrastructure needed to ingest, store, and query operational metrics from containerized applications. Additionally, Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus integrates with Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) and AWS Cloud Trail to make access control and auditing easier for customers. You do not need to pay upfront fees or commitments to use Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, and you will only be charged for operational metrics you ingest, store, and query.

Increasing numbers of customers are using containers to build modern applications because they improve resource usage and reduce costs. It is hard to monitor containers using traditional tools for applications that run on bare-metal servers or virtual machines because containers are typically short-lived, share infrastructure resources, and rely on a significant amount of operational metrics.

The result is that customers have difficulty understanding what is happening with their containerized applications at scale and may be slow to respond to alarms or problems if they occur. End-user experiences may be adversely affected due to such disruptions. As a result, many customers rely on the popular open-source monitoring project, Prometheus, to help them overcome this challenge.

The Prometheus platform stores operational metrics from containerized applications, and customers can easily set up alerts for potential application issues. The problem is that scaling Prometheus across multiple servers and configuring it for high availability requires a lot of manual work and stitching together additional open-source and third-party tools.

Once Prometheus is running, customers must invest time in patching and updating Prometheus and any additional tools they use regularly. In addition to optimizing Prometheus’ use of memory and storage resources, customers will also need to put forth significant engineering effort to keep costs low and query response times high.

Consequently, customers are forced to choose between investing valuable time and resources in maintaining their Prometheus deployments and their supporting infrastructure or building and innovating solutions on behalf of their end-users.

Managed Service for Prometheus from Amazon is a scalable, secure, and highly available monitoring service for containerized applications that automatically manages the infrastructure needed to ingest, store, and query operational metrics for monitoring applications and infrastructure. Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus is fully compatible with open-source Prometheus, so customers can query operational metrics using the familiar time series data model and PromQL code.

From AWS container services (e.g. Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, and AWS Fargate), users can easily send operational metrics to Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus to benefit from its fast processing time and cost-effective monitoring. Customers can also use the application programming interfaces (APIs) of Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus to seamlessly integrate operational metrics from existing customer-managed Kubernetes clusters running in the cloud or on-premises.

Customers who already have an existing Prometheus deployment or need to run Prometheus on-premises for data residency, latency, regulatory, or compliance reasons can integrate their Prometheus deployment with Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus via a single command line request. AWS Managed Service for Prometheus also provides built-in support for IAM to control access and permissions, and AWS CloudTrail to audit user access to help customers meet corporate security and compliance requirements.

With Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, customers get cloud-based monitoring that is optimized for containerized applications without having to build, scale, or maintain Prometheus or its supporting infrastructure or tools.

Prometheus Managed Service is available from 29thSeptember 2021 onward. AWS for Prometheus is available in US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland), and Europe (Stockholm), with availability in additional AWS Regions coming soon. For more information visit aboutamazon.com

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