Work has transformed in unprecedented ways. For many of us, work is no longer a physical place. Instead, we have turned our homes into workspaces and interacted through tech rather than in-person encounters. With fragmented times comes the difficulty of remote collaboration.

These new, highly distributed, and digitized challenges call for a novel solution to help people succeed. With the proper AI collaboration and communication tools, people can focus on what matters most and get work done.

One time-tested solution is Google Workspace – a space dedicated to all your work such as emails, calendars, documents, and so on. Here’s how Google Workspace builds a better customer experience. 

Google Workspace thoughtfully brings together tools for collaboration and communication, including chat, email, voice and video calling, and content management and document embedding–into a single experience.

Not long ago, Google started developing products created as individual apps and solved distinct challenges–like Gmail or a new way to collaborate with Docs. Now Google products are integrated so much into our lives that the lines between the different products have disappeared.

Google’s Gmail, Chat, Meet, and Docs are all integrated with Google Groups for an easier way to collaborate and share content. However, you can use guest access features in Chat and Drive to share content, collaborate, and work with those outside your organization too. 

People use Google Drive to store and distribute information. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the drive to find what they need while maintaining usability.

Personalizing a schedule comes as quickly as adding a few lines to your work calendar. Online scheduling now relies on Google Calendar to meet the demands of those who work in a hybrid way between home and the office. 

Google continues to impress users by constantly upgrading its products. For example, Google Meet’s picture-in-picture functionality changed our perceptions of online meetings forever. In addition, meet supports voice interactions, in-person conversations, meeting recordings, and activity history for a cohesive experience across working modes. With improvements like these, it’s much easier to work together and create quality content.

Google Workspace is undoubtedly one of the most secure tools on the web and actively ensures that the customers are well-protected. The 2-Step verification of Google adds an extra layer of security by requiring users to verify their identity through an additional authentication method. Once enabled, Google Workspace will prompt visitors for login information even if they lost their password.

There are myriad ways in which Google Workspace has aided in transforming the way we work by making our day-to-day business tasks more efficient. That’s precisely what Goole Workspace is an indispensable office tool for hybrid work. 

Codelattice is one stop for all your Google Workspace requirements. Our Google certified engineers and prompt round-the-clock support have established Codelattice as a trusted Google Workspace partner in India and UAE. 

Over the years, we have helped numerous clients with their account migration, billing, technical difficulties, negotiating with Google, or seeking help from the Google team. As a result, we know exactly what pitfalls to avoid regarding Google Workspace.


Written By Aparna P

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