5 Awesome Tools To Help You Become More Organized

It’s easy to get distracted in this modern era due to the tons of information you receive from both online and offline sources. Instead of helping you make better decisions, the surge of info often results in time mismanagement, muddled data absorption, and decreased productivity.

Thankfully, with the help of these 5 tools, you can be more organized and productive in your daily tasks. 


Social media has become a part of everyday life. People take a glance on the feeds from these platforms at least a few minutes a day, checking for updates and relevant news. 

For business owners, social media is an important component in marketing and staying in touch with consumers. Social media platforms enable their brands to stay relevant and maintain a much-needed online presence.

However, looking into each platform can be time-consuming and confusing, especially when there are several notifications and messages to respond to. You might be spending the whole day browsing through your social media accounts, leaving little time to finish other tasks.

Agorapulse is a tool that organizes all your social media accounts into one platform. The app supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram, allowing you to monitor activities on all your accounts in a single dashboard.

The tool also allows you to schedule and queue social media posts for added flexibility. Comments and messages are all collated into the Social Inbox for easier management. In addition to these capabilities, the tool also generates reports for monitoring your social media performance.

For social media managers, nothing comes close to the ease of use and efficiency of this tool.


Took notes but have trouble finding where you put them? Instead of saving time by focusing on the bullet points you wrote, you’re wasting effort in locating that piece of paper.

Evernote is a digital note-taking tool that does more than your typical pen and paper. It lets you upload attachments, save reminders, create lists, bookmark web links, capture sound clips, and store pictures for later reading. Kane Georgiou, owner of The Money Pig is a big advocate of digital organisation, “I use Evernote every day, every time I have a thought or a to-do, I immediately jot it down. Then at the end of the day, I organise them and they become tomorrow’s to-do list”.

Aside from being able to save almost any kind of informative content, Evernote offers a very powerful search tool that lets you find text snippets on notes, documents, attachments, and even images in an instant.

Storing all your notes in one place will make it easier to look for them later. This generates better productivity as you’ll be spending time in finishing tasks instead of wasting it looking

where you placed your notes.

Evernote has a desktop and mobile version, giving you the flexibility to take notes on whichever device you’re using while keeping them in sync.

Evernote only becomes effective, though, when you set everything up properly from the start. Throwing in notes and randomly putting tags in them or saving them in new notebooks will only result in a mess you’ll have to fix later. It’s like putting files in a new folder every time and throwing them in the drawer.

There’s a free version of the application but the Premium option is better as it provides a larger space allocation and gives access to additional features. Evernote also has a Business version which allows you to share notes with a team.


It can be hard to keep all the tasks you need to do on your head. The overwhelming number of things to keep track adds stress, so it’s not unusual to miss doing some of them as the day goes by.

With Todoist, you can focus on the task at hand and worry about remembering the others using the app. It’s a straightforward productivity app that helps you create a to-do list with the help of powerful features designed to easily manage daily tasks. 

Todoist is like a digital planner but with more intuitive functions. You can record recurring deadlines to get regular reminders, highlight the most important tasks using color-coded priority levels, and delegate tasks to other members of the project. Visuals on productivity trends can also be viewed to get tangible progress on your completion of daily and weekly tasks.

Todoist can be synchronized across several devices to ensure you won’t miss assigned tasks. The app can be accessed on your desktop, mobile device, or even smartwatch.

Todoist is the ultimate tool for decluttering your mind and focusing on the tasks at hand.


The internet presents tons of information on just about any topic under the sun. To save something interesting, you’ll usually bookmark the page for later reading. However, after saving a dozen of items, you may already have forgotten the important bits on every page that caught your attention.

With Diigo, you can organize the ideas you see on a webpage by highlighting passages and adding sticky notes to them. It’s a tool that allows you to save online resources and add comments on specific sections you’re interested in. Tags can also be put on stored references for easier searching.

Diigo also empowers you to organize stored links by creating a structured research base using the Outliner feature. It’s like having a personal library of online resources which can be accessed on any device and downloaded for offline reading.

The tool is also useful for group research as it enables you to send the bookmarked pages, complete with personal annotations to your friends online. 


Reading hundreds of emails for work can be draining and time-consuming. It impedes productivity and sucks out the energy needed for more important tasks.

SaneBox lets you spend less time reading and responding to emails by filtering those with the most important contents. The tool uses an automated process in analyzing your inbox to segregate which of the messages should be prioritized and which can be read later. Those that can wait are automatically stored in the “SaneLater” or “SaneArchive” folders.

Non-urgent emails can be snoozed and a ‘Do not disturb’ function can be activated to prevent receiving new emails for a specified period. This lets you focus on your tasks and avoid the distraction caused by email notifications.

SaneBox is accessible on any device with all your email settings synchronized for easier tracking.



Written By Emily Albert

Emily Albert is a content marketing professional and strategist at Themoneypig.com. She is financial and businesses writer and from last five years but also loves to write articles focus on balancing informative with Investment, making money, saving plans, and much more. She spends her most of the time reading novels, books, and business niche contents to refine her writing skills.