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Millennials not responding to your Ads?

Posted by Nithya 14th Aug, 2017

Try Holograms to attract them

Born with a laptop, smart phone or tablet, access to internet & social media, the millennials can be called as digital natives. Be it partying, travelling, studying or simply getting bored, they are live on social media. They shun traditional advertising.

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Going Digital? Beware of the API Management Trap

Posted by Vijith Sivadasan 9th Aug, 2017

A few key reflections from the early adopters of API Management Technology that businesses must consider in their quest for digital transformation.

IT departments across Organizations are now tasked with the complex chore of helping businesses transition digitally.

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Extend your business with Amazon Polly

Posted by Nithya 15th Jul, 2017

When he was the age of 5, my son was very interested in anything related to space – Moon, stars, sun, planets, comets, meteors, etc, etc. So I got him a book on space with very colourful pictures and facts about each heavenly body and such. He was crazy about that book. Since he had yet learn to read, every day he would make me read that book for a minimum of 5-6 times left to right, top to bottom.

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