People First

Codelattice - People first

Codelattice was a concept. What made it an enterprise was the people who worked with us - our clients, partners and employees. We believe that an astounding organization can only be built by a sensible team that owns its success and failures. We are a people-centric company with openness to learning, experimenting and building. Our most prized possession is our employees. We find satisfaction in knowing that we could inculcate a company culture based on empathy, transparency and mutual respect for one another. The first-ever client of Codelattice is still working with us. We consider this as a time-tested testimony of our relationship with our clients.

Create, Cloud, Communicate

Codelattice provides exceptional business agility by connecting applications, data, and people. All our products and solutions are built to scale, suitable from startups to enterprises. Learning is a part of Codelattice Lifestyle. Our team adapts quickly and improves on the newest technology to stay on the top of our game.

We are partnering with industry pioneers such as Google Cloud, GoDaddy & AWS to provide the imperative digital edge. We are a prominent Google Workspace Premier Partner, AWS Select Tier Services Partner and GoDaddy Pro Partner.

Codelattice - create,cloud,communicate

Corporate Profile

Codelattice - Corporate profile

Way Forward

We built an array of Solutions and Products, pursuing the joy of innovating and the fulfilment in excelling and helping. We will continue refining and enhancing our work and would be looking for avenues for the development of customer-centric solutions in future as well. Our Solutions are customizable as per our client’s needs. Products are off the shelf cloud apps for common business problems solved with our unique approach. Ease of use, high efficiency and interoperability are uncompromising in our offerings. We will always work on the bleeding edge technology so that our clients gain maximum performance at the lowest possible cost.

Codelattice - way forward
Codelattice -  8 countries with a team of 200+ technocrats

There has been a phenomenal contribution to our growth from our business partners. We are launching Codelattice Partner Advantage portal for them to gain maximum benefit out of this association. We are in the lookout for more such associations. The company is poised for growth. At present, we are operating out of 8 countries with a team of 200+ technocrats. We will continue pursuing a sense of amazement through our work. We take pride in our success and own our screwups.

We are Codelattice. We Make You Digitally Immortal ®

Our Milestones

Codelattice was established with humble beginnings in 2009 as a development centre and digital solutions provider in Calicut, India. We have had explosive growth, building centres of excellence in eight countries.

Our eight offices are located in India, the United States, Canada, Singapore, North Macedonia, Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.

Codelattice is strengthened by our offshore development centres in India & North Macedonia. We helped our clients to Activate, Elevate and Accelerate their endeavours. Guided by a decade of experience, Codelattice offers customizable Digital Solutions, off the shelf Software Products and bespoke IT Services.

Our Milestones

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