This course provides the basic knowledge that is required in the testing domain. This course is best suited for professionals looking to advance in their careers.

The 3-day workshop provides an intensive introduction to the basic fundamentals of the world of testing. The process, terminology, relevance of the testing domain is taught extensively.

Course Overview

Participants who enrol for this course will be educated with practical knowledge related to testing knowledge. This programme promises a complete and thorough understanding of the universal testing principles, terminology, and much more.

This course is important especially if the participant is keen on pursuing any other ISTQB certification exam.

Major Takeaways

  1. Participants are given the ability to apply the information they have gained to a variety of software delivery methodologies, including more traditional methods like Waterfall and more modern ones like Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery.
  2. Participants who complete this course will have a thorough grasp of critical testing.
  3. Achieving CTFL, an acknowledged prerequisite, enables individuals to work towards other ISTQB certifications, which need a basic understanding of testing concepts.

Best Suited For

  1. Suitable for anybody who has to demonstrate that they understand the fundamental concepts of software testing.
  2. Software developers, user acceptability testers, tester analysts, tester engineers, tester consultants, and tester managers.
  3. Project managers, quality managers, managers of software development, business analysts, IT directors, and management consultants who require a fundamental understanding of software testing might also benefit from it.
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