Codelattice Corporate Profile

It's always good to do some groundwork before you engage in any business relationship. We are making the job easier for you. Know about Codelattice through a short & credible intro, trace our location, know our capabilities and find out how we conduct our business.

Inclusivity is a Sign of Organisational Maturity: Codelattice

Codelattice is still looking for new opportunities to make the workplace more multicultural by hosting mentoring activities that deliberately align partners around genders, races, ages, physical disabilities, and sexual identities. We get more workers and productivity in a better corporate environment, and people are more dedicated and happier.

Learning Solution Designed by Healthcare experts

Medilattice is an adaptable cloud-based e-learning solution to deliver health care content. Codelattice has designed the platform to be extremely simple and intuitive and implemented visually appealing, elaborate, and easy to understand analytics. – Capture, Categorize & Reimburse On-the-go

Xpense.Pro is a cost-effective employee expense reimbursement software that enables small and medium businesses to keep track and on the go and simplifies the entire process. Codellatice has developed it to streamline the accounting process associated with reimbursements for audits and tax filing.

Carlattice: AI-based Realtime Car Recommendation Engine

Carlattice is an API-led Car Recommendation Engine ideal for Kiosks in Car Showrooms and Shopping Malls. Car buyers are more confused than convinced of their options. The engine learns from every user interaction to provide the recommendation.

Collate Your Apps & Files

Collate is a configurable intranet portal that provides single sign-on access to all enterprise applications, data, and information. This cloud-based intranet solution allows the team to view business files, organisation rules, project-related data, workflow documents, and more. Collate is created by Codelattice's Solution Architects and leading User Experience Designers.

Livelattice: A Smart Assistant

Codelattice configured Livelattice chatbots which are built on Google's dialog flow to provide the ultimate conversation experience. Chatbots need to be trained on context-based user journeys. Launching a chatbot is just the beginning for the team. We help you to track the daily failures, follow through and train them.

Shoplattice: E-Commerce Solution

Shoplattice is built on a microservices architecture by Codelattice, which provides a highly flexible foundation for your ever-evolving business model. The AI engine of Shoplattices generates customized product recommendations. We have you covered from the ground up. Shoplattices' AI engine shows customized product recommendations at customer touchpoints.

Medical Records Vault

Ur Vitals is a Patient Medical Record Management system that can be tailored to fit the company's branding. This will favour hospitals, research centers, and pathology laboratories. Ur Vitals is a medical prescription, reports, and expense receipts vault designed by Codelattice.

Get Organized and Stay Connected with Collate

Collate is a cutting-edge business intranet portal that brings individuals, software, and corporate data together on a single platform. If you use Google Workspace, you can create an internal portal for your company with just one click (G Suite). Collate is a simple platform for finding any app or file required for day-to-day business operations.

Xpense.PRO - Expense Reimbursement Simplified

Xpense.PRO is a free app that allows users to monitor their personal expenditures. To monitor their expenditures and reimbursements, business users may form a team with their employees. On the go, you can capture, categorize, and reimburse. The software is very straightforward and easy to use. Companies can keep track of expenses while on the go and streamlines the process. Codellatice created this to simplify the accounting process for reimbursements for audits and tax filing.

Codelattice: Best G Suite Partner in Kerala & Mumbai, India

Codelattice has an unrivaled experience in helping companies unlock their full potential as a proven Google Cloud Partner for G Suite in India. We are partnering with companies to help them achieve the next stage with G Suite.

HIPAA Compliant Records Management For Healthcare

Ur Vitals is a Patient Medical Record Management software that can be customized to match the company's branding. Hospitals, diagnostic centers, and pathology laboratories will benefit from this. Ur Vitals is a vault designed by Codelattice, a system for medical prescriptions, reports, and expense receipts.

Steer your online business in the right direction with Codelattice

Contact Codelattice for the business essentials needed to take your company online. Utilize Godaddy, AWS, and G Suite to build, cloud, and communicate while receiving best-in-class support from Codelattice's accredited solution architects. Codelattice is one of the G Suite Premium Partners.

Get Support for your GoDaddy, AWS & G Suite Services from Codelattice

Codelattice has partnered with market leaders such as Google Cloud (G Suite), GoDaddy, and AWS to provide the vital digital edge. For attractive discounts and assistance from qualified Engineers reach out to Codelattice

Create, Cloud Communicate and Excel in your Online Business with Codelattice Support

Consider your brain dumps the digital worries; leave them now. Feel free to be yourself. Organizations can digitally transform to better with Codellatice And understand today's consumers, interact with them, and meet their needs through a multi-channel customer experience.

Codelattice brings 10 years of Perspective to your Online Business

We want to be technically superior in everything we do. Transform and Play a-shift. We work with Godaddy, AWS, and G Suite to give you the digital edge you need for your company. Codelattice's accredited Professionals will handle your domain, AWS Cloud, and G Suite.

E-Commerce Essential Features

A buyer's journey is the exploration, examination, evaluation, comparison, decision, and purchasing process that buyers go through. This is fantastic! You've decided to implement an E-Commerce solution for your business, and you've come to the right spot. The Codelattice eCommerce team draws on their business, marketing, analytics, and technology experience to provide end-to-end eCommerce solutions that drive revenue.

Codelattice Roundup :2020

Here's a look at what we accomplished together in 2020. The Path Ahead We developed various technologies and products while pursuing the thrill of innovation. We'll keep up with our passion and reinventing ourselves.

Performance Testing

In today's fast-paced world, what is the use of functionally rich & engaging application if it is slow? Know more about performance testing and how it can help your solutions reach your customer at lightning speed.

Johnson & Johnson's Sales Assist App

Johnson & Johnson's Sales Assist App. Master title design Pro JnJ Johnson and Johnson Professional products have iPad-optimized detail aids in this e-detailing application. This application has proven to be beneficial to Johnson and Johnson sales.

We Protect your System from the Dark Forces of the Web

Codelattices’ Intrusion Detection service Jedis are always on high alert, prowling the deep, dark recesses of the internet to ensure that your IT systems and infrastructure face as little downtime associated with cybersecurity threats as possible. Here’s a quick tour of our security solutions, guaranteed to keep your peace of mind.

Codelattice Partner Engagement

Want to partner with us to provide digital marketing solutions to your customers? Take a peek at our partner engagement model, our services, experience and some endorsements. Get in touch with us to know more.

Codelattice E-Commerce Credentials

Pitch your offer and speedily find your ideal clients. Curate the best stock and promote it. Lure them instead of avoiding shopping cart drops. This is us, Codelattice

End-to-End Approach to Digital Marketing

Want to digitally market your brand but clueless about the starting point or available options? We have just made it easier for you to know about how our services can help you.

CL Handbook of Social Media Marketing

Read to know about Social media, the channels & how CL Social media marketing can help your brand achieve your marketing goals.

CL Handbook of Website development handbook

There are website development companies in every nook & corner of the world. What makes CL different? Go through our website development handbook to know what makes our service unique?

CL Handbook of Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing customizes your online presence to bring new customers to your website, more credibility, lead generation and sales. Know how we can help you achieve these goals.

CL Handbook of AdEngineering

There are n channels and n ways of advertising digitally. Read to know how CL can help you create powerful ad designs and use the right channels to get your brand to your customers

Hosting and Web Security Services

Your applications in the digital world are your assets. Take a look at how we can help you host them and protect all confidential assets by preventing abuse from hackers.

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