Case Studies

Scaling Application from 0 to 10K Users in 10 mins!

Medilattice: Learning Management Solution for Healthcare comes in handy for doctors' continuing medical education. We made the platform as simple and straightforward as possible. The doctors were able to complete their qualification by navigating through the application quickly

Crunching Reviews, 8 Million & Counting!

Codelattice created a smart review aggregation engine that crunches feedback from over 10,000 camping grounds around Europe into a single, easy-to-use site. For too many details to keep track of, it's no wonder that handling feedback without the proper tools can be difficult. With this review aggregation engine, campground owners can better consider their customers' feelings and respond to complaints quickly.

Seamless Disaster Recovery Leveraging AWS Cloud

Codelattice offered a DR solution based on AWS Cloud technology, which was handled from multiple availability zones and backed up across multiple regions. Multi-zone standby servers in AWS, AMI backups of each instance, and Multi-zone RDS instances were all part of the solution.

A Regale of Our Retail Success Story

Have a flick through to the pages to see how we assisted Grand Mart Retail in meeting their weekly showroom footfall and bill targets. And how we excited the target audiences with plus promises.

Rising Kerala

Rising Kerala, is the gateway for entrepreneurs to explore and build their business interests in Kerala. The primary goal is to seek ways to showcase successful entrepreneurs and use the State's productivity to benefit small and medium scale industries.

Impressive 100 Million Expressions

An expressive customer is a +ve asset to your organization. Read how we helped Asten Realtors invite their customers to express their relationship with the brand leading to a successful engagement.

Digital Transformation In Telecom

See how Codelattice has helped the digital transformation of So! Ltd. The details of our approach to their website development, social media engagement and the inspiration behind the promotional videos.

Rock on CAFIT Square - Agency self promo

On ground engagement can be optimised to ensure post event interaction and recall value. Take a peek into the Codelattice campaign Rock On CAFIT Square that brought in unfathomable support.

Digital Patterns for Branding

With Codelattice, you can start unique digital patterns for branding, seasonal participation, industry analytics, customer relations, and retail footfalls. See how we've aided brands in establishing patterns. At Codelattice, we grasp this fundamental tenet of digital – practically, the whole universe is at your fingertips.We've also assisted some of the region's most well-known brands in launching their first campaign

Skyrocket Your SEO Strategy

We embrace an effort to bring clients' services to the doorstep of customers by giving them the benefits of SEO. We devise a sound SEO strategy for them after a thorough analysis. Our efforts have given results for them to be in PAGE 1 of Google.

Healthcare Digital Portfolio

We deliver tailor-made solutions specifically cut out for patients, doctors, pharma, research authorities & hospitals. Take a look at our portfolio to know how we have helped our various healthcare clients.

Pulse of the Hospitality Industry : PHS

We at Codelattice conduct a detailed evaluation of the architecture and security to determine the exact cost and migration measures. From the company's perspective, this entails the least amount of downtime and updates. The migration was scheduled during off-peak hours, and the downtime was as minimum as 10 minutes. Codelattice provided the safest and most cost-effective approach to PHS.

We helped them reach on to their customer's Fingertips

At Codelattice, we understand this basic tenet of digital – the whole worlds’ at your fingertips, literally. And we have helped some of the leading brands in the region take their maiden flight into the agile world of “Touch” – Mobile Apps. Here’s a quick tour of some of our revolutionary pursuits in the Mobile App technology.

Start Trends Using Social Media

Don't think digital. Start unique digital trends with Codelattice, be it for branding, seasonal engagement, market insights, customer relations or retail footfalls. See how we have helped brands start trends.

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