Analytics & Insights

In God we trust, all others must bring data

There is no getting away from the fact that data comes from everywhere these days - Mobile devices, websites, loyalty cards, coupons, CRM systems, social media, GPS location data, website and other tools. Data is rarely useful in its raw state. It must be processed and stored securely to be able to work with it. Codelattice can help "own your own data" and help you protect with the best security and encryption capabilities.

Hindsight to Insights to Foresight

Data being undoubtedly any business' single great asset, must be used quickly as its usefulness decreases over time in this competitive world. Put simply, data provides insights which you may have overlooked. We can help you analyze and interpret all of your data and provide insights be it unstructured or structured text, images, audio or video. We can help you answer questions like

Analytics & Insights

What happened? -> Why did it happen? -> What should be done? -> What could happen?


What happened?- Descriptive Analytics

Yes, we have secured your data with the best security and encryption capabilities. Now it's time for the prisoner to reveal secrets. Data is just that till it is tortured and tortured to reveal to reveal the story behind using eye-popping Visualizations.


Why did it happen? - Diagnostic Analytics

All stories with data have a reason behind. We unwrap information from your data by generating hypotheses, regression, correlation and interpret the results to give you the answer to why did it happen.

What should be done? - Prescriptive Analytics

We apply mathematical and computational science & model data to suggest a best plan forward based on the constraints and objectives of your business. Recommendations could usually be one or more possible courses of action. We attempt to quantify the effect of any of these actions in order to advise on the possible outcomes before the decisions are actually made.


What could happen? - Predictive Analytics

We help you identify opportunities outside your traditional profit areas and help take intelligent actions.

Move the dial across all touch points

  • Data Management - We help you synthesize and collaborate data from varied sources within your organization and accelerate deployment
  • Customer Intelligence - Understand customer needs and use data to create customer facing visuals to drive across your point. Grow audiences by understanding your user's personality, tone, emotion and provide personalized recommendations. Engage in dialog with your customers using chatbots
  • Employees - Scale their expertise and increase their efficiency and speed with facts at finger tips using data. We help them converse easily across different functions using analytics and break down the silos across them.
  • Management - Reveal the hidden pattern in the data to answer questions and enable better decision making across teams.

Big or small, vertical or horizontal, we have analytics for all

Irrespective of the industry or the size of your company, we provide solutions tailored to suit you and your budget. You can discover ways to improve your business, uncover insights, plan and respond better. As you lock into your business plan, there's still more capability you can plug in to make it more powerful using analytics. We can help you start simple, take incremental steps and scale it up as you need.