Enterprise Application

Connect, Communicate & Collaborate

Codelattice builds applications to rapidly meet the evolving needs of your growing business. Our cloud based applications provide an intricate framework to connect, communicate and collaborate with your customers/partners to promote your brand. These dynamic value centres give the advantages of accessibility at all places & at all times plus ease of customisation for users. Our spectrum of services includes simple website applications to complex internet applications, e-business applications and social network services.

Scale rapidly

We deliver applications with a scalable architecture and design. We can shrink and split large services to create new micro services so each service is independent. These services have decentralized database and are easily deployable. These can be implemented by different programming languages and autonomously developed. Our service-oriented architecture ensures that software capabilities are connected easily, thereby making it easier to upgrade and customize existing applications and reducing cost of ownership. Our database experts can help you choose between relational or non-relational database based on your needs.

Enterprise Application

Fuel Productivity

Our enterprise applications come equipped with a secure connection, simplified maintenance and easy installation if any. With a rich interface that can weave in all the complex utilities required, our solutions are adaptable to increased workload. With innovation and strategic inputs from our design team, you can look forward to increased audience participation. Your employees can connect without the limitations of time and place.

Streamline Processes

Our applications can streamline processes and optimize process efficiency. Whether you need simple tools to collate data, an advanced system to manage intricate business processes, an engaging system for your customers or a compelling system to ease their decision making, we have the perfect solution for you.

Improve Responsiveness

Influence your work environment positively by enhancing employee's engagement and providing them with updated information. Your executives can be instantly be powered with all the required information to convert a lead into sale or respond to your customers without delay.

Connect Seamlessly

BYOD being the trend of the hour, we can help you reduce the hardware and service costs by delivering applications which can be run on cloud and multiple devices. Our applications can empower you to react quickly to changes in business conditions without much disruption.

Work Smarter

We can combine Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and BI with our solutions and help you keep a step ahead of competitors by way of business intelligence. Analytics based and data-infused business intelligence can inform you of marketing opportunities or inefficiencies that need to be addressed and help you respond without delay.