Reputation Manager

Global digitization has revolutionised the way consumers make their decisions. The right review from a customer accompanied by a thoughtful response can help a hotel increase reviews by 147%. We are in an era where the customer is the key INFLUENCER!

Reach out to the Reviews that Matter!

Did you know that 93% of digitally active travellers confirm that online reviews impact their booking decisions? Tune into What’s My Review, the user-friendly Reputation Management app!

Our user-friendly dashboard helps you dissect ratings and reviews with an option for periodic analysis for detailed insights, all at one glance.

Detailed trend analysis: Recurring shortcoming or oversights and problem areas can be addressed with What’s My Review’s detailed trend analysis. Don't miss our sentiment-mapping feature that will let you know the feedback even before you read it!

Dependable Tracker: The tracker feature in What’s My Review helps resolve the issues or plan a future course of action customized to each review received.

Channel Prioritisation: This feature helps recognize the channels where the hotel’s presence has maximum impact, thus helping direct marketing efforts.

Location based analytics: With the importance of strategic marketing aimed towards geographic target audiences on the rise, the location-based analytics helps you plan onward action.

Reputation Manager

With a growing number of players from the Hospitality Sector opting for ‘What’s My Review’, this is the one-stop solution for Reputation Management!

Ease of access to reviews: Prepare to be amazed, as this dashboard presents all your reviews posted across prominent platforms at a single glance.

Quick response to reviews: With live time updates, this dashboard lets you know when a comment or review has been posted by any visitor and gives you an opportunity to respond immediately.

Our team will be happy to assist you and address any queries you have on the same. With Whats My Review, take control of what is being said about your hotel on reputable digital platforms.