Digital Experiance

Codelattice brings to table the expertise of architecting the digital identity of major brands.

Customer experience is the quality of all of a consumer's encounter with a company starting from awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, purchases and services. There is no clear demarcation between the various phases and they often blend together. However, each of these interaction with a brand is important in the lifecycle of a customer to create a positive experience & loyalty. That is why we at Codelattice take special care while crafting the digital customer experience of a brand.

Create Multiple Interactions but One Experience

One channel of interaction is no longer enough. Customers fluidly move between websites, mobile apps, ecom, social media and brick-and-mortar store. Many a times digital components are added to customer journeys on an ad hoc basis. There is no connection between various components and this may lead to confusion and loss of valuable information. Codelattice helps you plan every digital initiative to coordinate and complement your existing customer journeys. Our interactive and non-interactive medium of a customer's digital journey stress on visual and functional consistency. We can help you integrate various channels of interaction such as Websites, Mobile Apps, Enterprise Applications, E & M Commerce and create a unified experience. This endorses your brand's core values and creates customer loyalty.

Digital Experiance
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Reinvent Support Mechanism for Seamless Experience

The age-old custom of responding to customer inquiries by email and tracking them by means of a spreadsheet gets ineffective and unmanageable as business expands. Today's customers may be self-sufficient but when they need support, speed & efficiency is what impresses them. Hence Codelattice takes special care to streamline support processes to give a great customer experience & create brand ambassadors. We can cover every channel of interaction, be it Website, Mobile App, E & M Commerce or Enterprise Applications with intuitive support mechanism using Artificial Intelligence.

Your customer support is a gold mine of feedback on products, services and engagement by way of its one-to-one nature. We can help you turn your customer support in to a listening post by combining data streams from different sources using Analytics. It can help steer your business decisions quickly in the profitable path by valuable insights.

Develop Personalized Engagement for Tailored Experience

Consumers expect simple, quick and personalized engagements with a business. They expect you to provide value and keep up with their needs, preferences and expectations. A trusting and personal relationship with a customer is the key to loyalty. Codelattice can help you personalize every aspect of your engagement - Product, Pricing, Shipping, Discounts or Offers. We can help you manage customers on an individual basis by tabling their behavioural patterns using Analytics throughout their journey. You can anticipate their needs and tailor your process to provide a great customer experience.

Optimize Marketing for Value-added Experience

Buyers today exhibit high cross-channel behaviour and require constant narratives of a brand that resonates with their needs. Every business needs a synchronized mix of personalized narratives in various channels to drive demand. Codelattice takes an inventory of your channel bandwidth & tracks customer sentiment to map channels to revenue. We can help you provide an innovative experience by targeting buyer personas, monitor the content map and adjust constantly. We have the right mechanisms and metrics in place to help you measure business value.