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Codelattice is a full spectrum digital agency that offers industry specific application development across 4 continents via our 12 offices in 10 locations. Salesforce makes CRM easy for both small businesses and large enterprises but it is much more than that. It is a platform of platforms to market with pre-integrated apps. and extend the power of your selling & service.

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Why Salesforce?

  • No expensive setup costs or time consuming maintenance works as all Salesforce products run entirely on cloud
  • Consistent innovative platform that helps you grow and scale
  • Run your whole business through a single mobile app
  • Connect to your customers in a whole new way and building lasting relationships
  • Facilitate work-life balance for your employees as they can work from anywhere through any device with just an internet connection

Our Services:


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Understanding the Current System - Each business is different and what works for one, may not work for another. That is why we make a thorough study of your current system.

Scope of Future System - We have made a thorough study of various industries and have a pre-built template for future scope to fast track this process and reduce the time to market.

Feasibility Study - Our study goes beyond the changes in technology and helps clients look at their business methodologies and processes innovatively.

Setting Time Line - Our agile approach ensure rapid delivery of solutions while involving the customer at every stage to eliminate misunderstandings and promote transparency.


Implementation - <br />
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Project Plan - A business-case driven plan to successfully design and enable Salesforce.

Project Execution - We follow agile concepts and techniques with frequent validations at every level, both within the team and with the customer.

Best Solution Fitment - Our solutions are a hybrid of conventional wisdom and industry best practices to deliver the best to our customers.

Best Coding practices - We follow best coding practices to build a robust, verifiable and maintainable software application.

Testing & Audit

Testing & Audit - <br />
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Automated Process - We can automate your organization's repetitive business processes to save time and cost.

Accelerators - Accelerators are quick, personalised work sessions that solve specific Salesforce challenges. These virtual or onsite sessions with experts help overcome your business challenges, achieve greater ROI and reach success faster.

Test Cycle Management - We can develop multiple projects with integration, testing and staging or isolate a project from others.

Integration & UAT testing - UAT testing involves testing of the system by actual users to ensure that the system performs to its optimum as per specifications that were agreed upon.

Support & training

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Staff Augmentation, Manage Services - As your business and requirement changes, get the exact resources you need, when and how you need them & get the most from your investment.

Post Sales Training - Creating a procedure your team can follow and leverage the importance of systems across your business.

24/7 Support - We provide 24/7 application support by qualified professionals.

Certified & Experienced Support Team - We have experienced and certified multi-functional support team to provide support round the clock.

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Han Verbaas
Owner - Buzzmark, Netherlands

Outsourcing application development is not about technology, it's all about trust and communication. In the last 24 month Codelattice build a partnership that contributes to our success in the Dutch market. In a complex environment with multiple companies, regions and languages Codelattice managed to deliver as promised, on time with high quality….and they are fun people to work with!

The Characters & Dialogues

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Ranjith Valsan

Wizard of Light Bulb Moments

An organization's customer data is the conversation your customer had with your brand. Our team at Codelattice doesn't listen to these conversations with the intent to reply, but we listen to it with the intent to understand. The greatest value of these conversations is when you notice something which you never expected to see.

Meet Our Experts

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