Codelattice Corporate Profile

It's always good to do some ground work before you engage in any business relationship. We are making the job easier for you. Know about Codelattice through a short & credible intro, trace our location, know our capabilities and find out how we conduct our business.

We protect your System from the Dark Forces of the Web

Codelattices’ Intrusion Detection service Jedis are always on high alert, prowling the deep, dark recesses of the internet to ensure that your IT systems and infrastructure face as little downtime associated with cyber security threats as possible. Here’s a quick tour of our security solutions, guaranteed to keep your peace of mind.

Codelattice Partner Engagement

Want to partner with us to provide digital marketing solutions to your customers? Take a peek at our partner engagement model, our services, experience and some endorsements. Get in touch with us to know more.

Performance Testing

In today's fast paced world, what is the use of functionally rich & engaging application if it is slow? Know more about performance testing and how it can help your solutions reach your customer at lightning speed.

Hosting and Web Security Services

Your applications in the digital world are your assets. Take a look at how we can help you host them and protect all confidential assets by preventing abuse from hackers.

End to End Approach to Digital Marketing

Want to digitally market your brand but clueless about the starting point or available options? We have just made it easier for you to know about how our services can help you.

CL Handbook of Social Media Marketing

Read to know about Social media, the channels & how CL Social media marketing can help your brand achieve your marketing goals.

CL Handbook of Website development handbook

There are website development companies in every nook & corner of the world. What makes CL different? Go through our website development handbook to know what makes our service unique?

CL Handbook of Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing customizes your online presence to bring new customers to your website, more credibility, lead generation and sales. Know how we can help you achieve these goals.

CL Handbook of AdEngineering

There are n channels and n ways of advertising digitally. Read to know how CL can help you create powerful ad designs and use the right channels to get your brand to your customers