Cyber Threat Management

Cyber Security solutions for a stress free digital experience!

The global digital scenario now ensures that every aspect of our lives are encompassed by these evolutionary technologies. As we step into a world where every corporate conversation is punctuated by digital analogies …. be it social, mobile, analytics or cloud based, we also realise that each of these enterprises are susceptible to security risks that may impact the brand, information assets and ultimately the bottom-line.

The team at Codelattice Cyber Security Services synergise people, process and technology to uphold the crucial aspects that include, Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, and Accountability of the data resources. Meanwhile they concentrate their strengths to support behavioural modelling, network base-lining and profiling, and detection of abnormal activity, as they comply with necessary regulations thru the process.

Cyber Threat Management

Codelattice Cyber Security Services addresses various perspectives of security and risk issues to:

  • Align security solutions with business objectives
  • Focus on a culture emphasising on security within the organisation
  • Increase stakeholder confidence
  • Protect the organisational data & maintain confidentiality as required
  • Optimise economic and social value

What we do:

Vulnerability Assessments

The evolutionary structure of digitisation means that change is constant within IT infrastructure. If not monitored and managed by the right team, these changes could lead to vulnerabilities in applications, databases, and networks.

Codelattice Cyber Security Services ensures that you step up your security protocols. Our certified security analysts indulge in vulnerability testing and verification with a combination of tools to detect security vulnerabilities if any. With details of assets on the network, after scanning, validating, and working on suggesting remedial measures to combat vulnerabilities, Codelattice Cyber Security Services share an actionable report that suggests ways and means to reduce risks to an acceptable level with strategic solutions.

Web Application Assessments (OWASP)

The OWASP web application security testing looks for evidence of vulnerabilities within the application due to deficiencies with identified security controls. A complete testing framework, that describes in detail both the general testing framework and the techniques required to implement the framework in practice.

With this framework, Codelattice Cyber Security Services helps organizations test their web applications to build reliable and secure software.

Open source Intrusion Detection System Implementation

Codelattice Cyber Security Services provide pro-active security on cloud and on premise. So, whether you need to monitor hosts or the networks connecting them to identify the latest threats, we ensure use of the best & right open source intrusion detection (IDS) tools available, be it signature-based IDS or anomaly-based IDS. The alerts can turn up issues such as malware, scanning activity, attacks against servers and much more. They also look for unusual activity that deviates from statistical averages of previous activities or activity that has been previously unseen.