Build or migrate to Umbraco, the finest
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We can help you kickstart your Umbraco journey with our team of seasoned experts. This includes an exclusive user experience design and solutions to enhance user engagement, hosting support, and continuous application.


Leader in the class enterprise content management system

Umbraco CMS

Codelattice Digital Solutions has been developing websites, platforms, and apps with Umbraco CMS for many years. This open-source content management system allows us to focus on what we do best: developing solutions to issues of all sizes.

Open source platform built on a solid community

Umbraco CMS, built on the.NET framework, is an open-source platform that is completely free to use. It was created and administered by Umbraco HQ in Denmark. A dynamic community of over 220,000 individuals gives ongoing feedback and contributes to the CMS's growth.


Technical Flexibility


Umbraco is created with Microsoft.NET, which incorporates all of Microsoft's ideas. For example, the.NET Membership Framework is used for User and Member authentication. The Umbraco API paired with .NET increases the system's versatility. Our Umbraco professionals may forever add new features to the CMS and integrate them with your existing systems.

Umbraco utilizes open standards like XML, XSLT, Razor, MVC, HTML5, and CSS. The system is extensively developed and maintained, offering numerous plugins and prioritizing security.

Content editor friendly

Editors and content managers regularly update and improve website pages requiring CMS assistance, so we engage with them to set up the CMS. We prioritize features that help website visitors while keeping the CMS user-friendly.

Umbraco offers valuable tools, such as automatic image resizing and optimization. Simply drag an image into the media section of the CMS, and Umbraco will generate all the necessary formats for your website.


Our add-ons to help you do more.


We provide specialized support packages for managing your hosting and application assistance. We will assist you with frequent Umbraco framework upgrades while also ensuring comprehensive asset security and backup.

Our product, RedDog, is easily connected with your Umbraco project, which will assist you in boosting website traffic by offering SEO tools, enhancing user experience and tracking to optimize for better ROI, and closing more website-generated leads by leaning on our lead processing workflow.

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