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Setup Your Own Employee Intranet Portal

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Whether teams are geographically distributed and working in several time zones or in traditional office setting, an internal portal can make significant difference. Collate is a configurable intranet portal for accessing all business apps, documents and files with a Single Sign On.

About 75+ existing and new apps can be integrated in Collate. Your team can access the enterprise information, company policies, project related documents, process documents, etc. through this cloud based intranet solution.

Set up your intranet with to have a single access point to the knowledge base of your organization. The biggest advantage of Collate is- it helps organizations to declutter & develop a remarkable culture.

Best Intranet Portal for Small & Medium Businesses

Your team members may know some of the mandatory documents and applications, but not everything relevant to their jobs, perhaps not even 10%. As the organization scales, it gets increasingly challenging to find the correct piece of information required at a given time from the massive sea of applications.

Collate gives a structure to enterprise data and makes it easier to find the right document when required. There are built-in utility applications such as Leave Management, Performance Management and Timesheets for your day-to-day operations. Let the team be informed about the happenings of the company through the built in Content Management System.

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Build and Nurture Company Culture

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Collate provides many avenues for putting your company values front and center. You can use Collate to share content relevant to your organization’s values and publicly praise employees for their contribution.

Collate is the new age intranet that helps you present broadcast company-wide news and updates to your team and helps with your Organization’s internal branding. With blog posts, a CEO's message, a marketing strategy, or a product launch update, you can engage your team in a unique An intranet that renders far better presentation features than using just a basic editor and bullet points in an email.

New hires can easily find their feet with access to documents, profile directory of their peers, and get information and insights into the company’s culture.

Secure & Scalable Cloud Based Intranet Portal

Collate is developed by our Solution Architects and leading User Experience Designers at Codelattice. We built it by leveraging Google's SAML- based Single Sign-On. Codelattice is one of the trusted Google Cloud and G Suite Partners. We use the OAuth 2.0 protocol for secure authentication and authorization.

Collate is hosted in AWS Cloud. We are one of the leading AWS partners in the region. We have auto-scaling with Amazon Web Services to manage the capacity of your environment automatically.

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Sales & Marketing
Firos C
Co-founder, Holborn Classic

Our company was established in 2003. Over the years, we have accumulated piles of documents and artefacts. It sometimes is difficult to unearth the right document when required. Collate gave a structure to the collection and organized our documents and apps.

Frequently Asked Questions about Intranet Software

An intranet is an organized repository of the company’s information and applications. Streamlining communications, simplifying employee onboarding, facilitating knowledge sharing are some of the benefits of having an employee intranet.

You can set up an intranet portal in one click with, if you have a subscription to Google Workspace. You will find easily customizable sections to display and index what makes the digital representation of your company.

Everything that represents an organization digitally should find its place in an intranet. This includes company values, employee details, company updates, leave management, timesheet tracking, company calendar. meeting notifications, files, documents, applications, templates, etc.

Yes. An intranet is a central location for employees to collaborate, specially designed for a remote workforce. Intranet connects a company across different locations and time zones. is hosted in Google Cloud and can be accessed anywhere anytime. is secure by design. Most of your critical data is stored in your G Suite/ Workspace account. Rest is stored in a secure Google Cloud data center. With SSO and SAML authentication, provides protection from unauthorized users.

The cost of setting up basic as your company’s intranet can be as low as $25/month. For discounts and a demo of the product, write to us at is new age intranet portal that integrates with Google Workspace (G Suite). It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with a Google Workspace subscription.

Collate your company's apps and docs as per your requirements. Our app designed to be self-serviced. If questions, we are a call away.

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Declutter Your Digital Workspace

  • CMS to manage your company's intranet home page
  • 75+ App integrations
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Timesheet
  • Add Categories and Oranize documents
  • Employee Performance Management & Appraisal System
  • Google Single Sign On
  • Employee Directory and Organization Structure
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