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Cloud Migration

Our Cloud migration strategy starts with determining the components of your environment and their interdependencies. Based on these, we develop a coherent design, deployment and migration plan. With our certified professionals, you can migrate your applications from existing infrastructure to modern, cloud cost effectively.

Backup & Recovery

The cloud hosted applications have a high probability of temporary and permanent failures . Resilience is indeed important to organizations in such situations. We can help you detect failures and recover efficiently in such scenarios. Using AWS, we offer durable and cost-effective choices for backup and disaster recovery.

AWS Cloud Security

Cloud applications are exposed to public and outside the boundaries of trusted network. We design and deploy your applications in such a way to prevent malicious attacks, restrict access to authorized personnel and protect sensitive data & information. We help you innovate and scale in a secure cloud environment

Database Migration

Data management is typically hosted on multiple servers in varied locations for various reasons and this can present challenges such as consistency, synchronization and access time constraints. We can easily migrate relational databases, data warehouses, NoSQL databases and other types of data stores using AWS database migration service

Big Data

We have the expertise to build and deploy highly scalable and secure Big Data applications. Through AWS, you have fast access to flexible and low cost IT resources and rapidly scale any big data application including data warehousing, recommendation engines, serverless computing or IoT processing.


We can collect and send IoT data to the cloud and analyze the information to provide the ability to manage your devices. We can help you pre-process, enrich, store and analyze IoT data and uncover insights that lead to more accurate decisions for your IoT and machine learning applications.

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