Animated Explainer Video

The digital medium is evolving and each day keeping the audience captivated needs creative visualisation and innovative ideation. This is where the use of an explainer video or an animated video becomes an effective mode of communication. This is also one of the best means for content marketing since videos are known to keep audiences captivated; with a good storyboard, crisp edits and well structured messaging.

The creative video development team of Codelattice offers customers, budget friendly explainer videos with story boards that are unique and animation that just ensures accurate dissemination of information.

The core idea of using an explainer video is to evoke an emotion and inspire immediate action whilst ensuring positive branding. The experts at Codelattice have mastered the art of adapting your message into an engaging explainer video. After all, direct messaging is more eloquent with the use of a well crafted explainer video.

Sensible Storyboard: With the Video Development team of Codelattice, you can be assured of a storyboard that is conceptualised based on creative ideation and the vision of the brand. This in turn translates into an impressive video output.

Animated Explainer Video

With access to quality videos across the world, the standards and improvements in technology make it essential to convey the right message in a limited span of time. This is where the Video Development team of Codelattice in Mumbai & Calicut have created their mark - with creative and out of the box thinking to give the customers the right video solution. Some of unique aspects that our video development team brings to the table include, developing storyboard ideas from a scratch, including the right messaging and content, catchy background scores, scripting, audio selection for voiceovers and creative visualisation.

Animated Explainer videos help promote a brand or business by use of strategic messaging through creative interpretation.

Attention to Detail: With each frame and feature checked and audited internally several times, the explainer video outputs by Codelattice are beyond doubt, a testament to excellence.

Animation that Excites: Explainer videos are not just a series of clips of cleverly crafted & designed animated figures, its about ensuring that an emotion is evoked, and this further translates into an increase in sales and brand capital.