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Leaping into Innovation Enclave… 2021 Roundup

28 December, 2021


Here we are, welcoming another year with hope. The past year was not easy but with you hand-in-hand with us, it was rewarding. We grew a bit, learned a lot, and connected more with the needs and aspirations of our clients. As a business, we evolved and found more harmony with the needs of the changing world.

1. Delivering anything to you, safer and faster

We improvised on our auto navigation device and so was born a spectacular last-mile delivery robot ‘Nueroid’. The AI-powered device will be an absolute disrupter in logistics and is to be launched in Bangalore and Dubai by the end of January 2022.

2. Our passion for green delivered to you in a pot

After four years of research, our hybrid pot ‘Chlorofill’ is about to hit the market in 2022. This self-watering, app-controlled pot comes at a highly affordable price range and will be the beginning of clutter-free and easy-to-maintain urban gardens. Be it your window sill or your balcony, now you can watch your plants grow and bloom while you water them no more than once a month. Preorder here.


3. Stronger together in the Middle East
Codelattice Dubai

We added a veteran Dubai-based company, Orange Interactive Technology, to our global brand umbrella in 2021. The company has officially been rebranded as Codelattice Dubai and will spearhead our expansion and diversification in the Middle East.

4. Receipt tracking & expense claims simplified

We launched a simple and easy-to-use official expense management and reimbursement app called Xpense.Pro, now available in the play store, app store, and as a web app.

5. An exciting path ahead

We launched - a virtual office, in 2021. It is a suite of apps and file repositories along with collaboration tools. Like Xpense.Pro, you can expect the addition of smart business apps to Collate. will be a single solution for small or medium-sized businesses to streamline their operations and leverage their capital and investment with the smartest suite of technical tools available.

6. Partnerships with industry pioneers

We saw a striking increase of 300% in our Google workspace subscriptions in 2021. We strengthened our ties as AWS partners and sought a new partnership with Microsoft.

Thank you again for your support. Wish you a happy, fun-filled, and prosperous new year!

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