Expand and elevate your career with our ISTQB Agile Tester Training. Unlock the skills required powered by domain expertise.

A 2-day intensive training session focusing on cutting-edge techniques and tools to help you become more proficient in Agile testing.

Course Overview

Agile Testing is an essential component in delivering customer-centric excellence. Agile testing helps unlock continuous feedback loops at every stage by enabling the teams to work with consumers. This feedback guarantees solid software development and ensures that customers are satisfied.

Obtain the testing skills required to contribute substantially to Agile projects by earning your ISTQB Agile Tester certification. Build a solid foundation in agile testing methodologies to guarantee project success. Improve your testing abilities to become a valuable part of agile teams.

Become a leader in Agile testing to produce software that precisely and purposefully changes, exceeding client expectations rather than merely meeting them. Change the way you build software by embracing Agile testing. In the future, your program will be the industry leader in innovation and customer happiness. Learn to integrate testing seamlessly into Agile workflows by understanding the foundations of Agile principles in this 2-day workshop.

Major Takeaways

  1. After the 2-day course, you can create a healthy corporate space where components like innovation, cross-functioning teams, and communication are given due consideration.
  2. As an ISTQB-qualified Agile tester, you can interact with business analysts and product owners, focusing on interactions for value.
  3. You would have a thorough knowledge of agile development processes, startup concepts, user experience (UX), and design thinking.
  4. By adopting Agile testing procedures and processes, helping the team with test automation, and collaborating with business stakeholders, you can help them establish clear and testable user stories, scenarios, requirements, and acceptance criteria.

Best Suited For

This course is designed for Agile testing professionals to enhance their skills in web-based applications, thereby advancing their careers.

  1. Software Testers
  2. Developers working on Agile Projects
  3. QA Professionals
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