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Being Ardent. That’s us in 2020!

Calicut, India - January 1, 2021

Our team at Codelattice set a great example of leadership, bonding, and friendship during the intense time of the year. Here is a glimpse of what we have achieved together in 2020.

1. We have expanded in Europe
We have expanded in Europe

We actualized expansion in Europe with Codelattice Europe BV, based in Amsterdam. The company is predominantly working with clients in the European Travel Domain, to provide them with technology solutions and products, making them globally competitive.

2. We launched a new-age Intranet Portal
We launched a new-age Intranet Portal

Codelattice launched a configurable Intranet Portal branded as to help organizations set up their internal portal. Collate is a gateway that unifies access to all enterprise information and applications.

3. We supported the healthcare sector
We supported the healthcare sector

Our Learning Management Solution (LMS) helped over 10,000 doctors in continuing their medical education and practice at a time when conventional methods of attending conferences/training became inaccessible.

4. We made more friends
We made more friends

Our partnership with the industry pioneers such as Google Cloud, GoDaddy & AWS are exceedingly successful so far. Codelattice proudly supports more than 2000 related G-Suite Clients as we step into 2021.

5. Our Autonomous Navigation Devices
Our Autonomous Navigation Devices

We are now venturing into autonomous navigation devices. Our first product, a device to vacuum clean residential and office premises is ready to launch.

The Way Forward
The Way Forward

Pursuing the joy of innovation, we built an array of solutions and products for businesses. We will continue refining and enhancing our work to develop customer-centric solutions in the future as well. Ease of use, high efficiency, and interoperability are uncompromising in all that we offer.

Thank you for your support. We hope to strengthen our relationship with you this year. Wishing you a happy and fulfilling New Year.

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+1 4145307368 +1 4145307368