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Codelattice Dubai bags Clutch Leadership Award

Dubai - 12 November, 2021
The Way Forward

Codelattice Dubai has been awarded the Clutch Leadership award in recognition of its outstanding customer service and market presence in the UAE in September 2021.

The award is presented to the highest performing B2B companies who are industry leaders with a very high customer retention and have excellent feedback and work portfolios.

The award comes soon after Orange Interactive Technology LLC, a twenty-year-old Dubai-native company helmed by a Keralite, was brought under the global brand umbrella of Codelattice Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in September.

The recognition powers the latest foray of Codelattice into the Middle East markets and sets it up for a fruitful journey delivering the best services to the clients in the geography. It also gives the company a rightful place among the top performers in the industry today.

“Codelattice Dubai will spearhead the launch of multiple projects including last-mile delivery robots which will revolutionize B to C services in the Middle East,” said Vikas Mohandas, CTO of Codelattice, adding that the product was built in-house at the technology research labs of Codelattice.

The clients of Codelattice Dubai, under the fold of Codelattice, will benefit from the deep partnerships forged over the years with industry pioneers such as Google, AWS, Microsoft, and GoDaddy. Codelattice offers its deep technology stacks to the clients of Codelattice Dubai with its technology expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and analytics.

Codelattice Dubai was also featured on Top Design Firms, a business resource for clients looking for design and development services.

About Codelattice:

With bleeding-edge technology and prebuilt software components, Codelattice accelerates business endeavors across the globe.

Guided by a decade of experience, Codelattice offers customizable digital solutions, off-the-shelf software products, and bespoke IT services. By partnering with industry pioneers such as Google Cloud, Microsoft, GoDaddy, and AWS, we provide the imperative digital edge.

Established in 2009, we now operate out of eight countries.

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