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Codelattice Prepares to Dazzle: Anticipating a Technological Showcase at KTX 2024 in Calicut

February 27, 2024 - Calicut
Codelattice, Vijith Sivadasan, Kerala Technology Expo, Calicut, Google Premier Partner

Codelattice, a prominent technology company headquartered in Calicut, is delighted to unveil its active engagement in the esteemed Kerala Technology Expo (KTX) 2024. The company will be present at stall numbers 25 and 26 during the event, which is set to take place at the Calicut Trade Centre in Kozhikode from February 29 to March 2. Organized by CITI 2.0 (Calicut Innovation & Technology Initiative), KTX is an annual flagship event that serves as a crucial platform for technological discourse.

KTX 2024 aims to be a beacon of innovation, bringing together various industry verticals and horizontals to align seamlessly with emerging trends in the dynamic Malabar region. Kozhikode, recognized as the world's fourth fastest-growing urban agglomeration according to the EIU 2020 rankings, stands out as a hub for both international and indigenous companies.

Visitors to the Codelattice pavilion can expect an immersive experience featuring cutting-edge technologies and solutions, providing a glimpse into global advancements. Notably, Codelattice holds the esteemed status of being a Google Premier Partner in South India, and has a repertoire of prebuilt plug-and-play software solutions that will be demonstrated by their adept team at the event. Vijith Sivadasan, CEO of Codelattice, said "At Codelattice, we collaborate with industry pioneers to stay at the forefront of global tech advancements. We prioritize comprehensive training and robust tech support to ensure seamless operations for clients."

Codelattice extends a warm invitation to tech enthusiasts, industry leaders, and enterprises to participate in this collaborative odyssey. KTX 2024 promises a platform where ambition knows no borders, innovation thrives, and Kozhikode emerges as a conduit for business expansion not only within India but also across Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries.

For detailed information and registration, please visit the official KTX 2024 website. Don't miss the opportunity to be an integral part of this transformative technological event!

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