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Codelattice adds 20-year-old Dubai-based Orange Interactive Technology to its global brand umbrella

Dubai, India - 12 October, 2021
The Way Forward
  • Orange to be rebranded as Codelattice Dubai
  • Deal accretive to both companies in terms of partnerships, products, and market

Codelattice is happy to announce the addition of a dynamic member to its family- Orange Interactive Technology LLC.

The company has officially rebranded itself as Codelattice Dubai and is now a part of the global brand umbrella of Codelattice. The deal is the latest step ahead in what has been a symbiotic relationship spanning over a decade and multiple product and service partnerships.

The new deal will be the first step towards the launch of very ambitious projects groomed by Codelattice Research.

“Codelattice Dubai will spearhead the launch of multiple projects including last-mile delivery robots which will revolutionize B to C services in the Middle East,” said Vijith Sivadasan, Cofounder and promoter of Codelattice.

The clients of Codelattice Dubai will benefit from the partnerships of Codelattice with industry pioneers such as Google, AWS, Microsoft, and GoDaddy. Codelattice offers its deep technology stacks to the clients of Codelattice Dubai with its technology expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and analytics.

“This deal will create new avenues for our clients to explore more innovative solutions in emerging digital technologies. The leadership team of Orange Interactive Technology will continue to drive the operations of Codelattice Dubai”, said Vikas Mohandas, CEO of Orange Interactive Technology.

Since its inception in Dubai in 2002, Orange Interactive Technology has been growing swiftly in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), leaving its mark as ‘creative technologists,’ helping clients keep up with the ever-changing needs of online business. Website development, eCommerce development, mobile and web applications development, and effective contemporary marketing have been the remarkable offerings of Orange Interactive Technology.

Orange Interactive Technology has a sturdy footing of loyal clientele in Dubai with an assemblage of contemporary services and products. The deal between Orange Interactive Technology, a 20-year-old company, with Codelattice, a prominent technology solutions provider in India, is expected to be instrumental in catering to the needs of the technology boom in the Middle East.

Codelattice is a cloud-born technology start-up established in 2009 in Calicut, a small town in southern India. Now the company operates in 8 countries. From business essential services to intellectual properties, Codelattice has accumulated numerous accolades. The deal would be pivotal for the expansion of Codelattice in the Middle East.

“The core of the company is built around the beliefs and ideas of intrinsically curious people. We always work on bleeding-edge technology. I am sure that our passion for applied engineering and the enthusiasm to keep doing better will add value to the clients of Codelattice Dubai,” said Vijith.

The deal has been backed and welcomed by clients of both companies. “Orange has always been one of our trusted partners. At times, we have also worked closely with Codelattice for our technology needs. I suppose the deal was long due. I wish them all the success in their future ventures”, said Arun Sankar, CTO of Kalyan Jewellers.

About Codelattice:

With bleeding-edge technology and prebuilt software components, Codelattice accelerates business endeavors across the globe.

Guided by a decade of experience, Codelattice offers customizable digital solutions, off-the-shelf software products, and bespoke IT services. By partnering with industry pioneers such as Google Cloud, Microsoft, GoDaddy, and AWS, we provide the imperative digital edge.

Established in 2009, we now operate out of eight countries.

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About Orange Interactive Technology:

Orange Interactive Technology is a specialized boutique digital production house headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E. Orange offers a plethora of solutions including Web Design and Hosting, E-commerce, SEO services, Social Media Management, Mobile & Facebook Apps, 2D & 3D Animations, High-End Presentations (including professional photography and models) and eBrochures.

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