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Codelattice and Netstager Unveil Collate, Pioneering a Revolutionary Organizational Solution at KTX 2024

March 01, 2024 - Kozhikode, Kerala
Codelattice and Netstager Unveil Collate at KTX 2024

In a momentous revelation at the esteemed KTX 2024 technology expo, Codelattice and Netstager introduced their groundbreaking collaborative creation, Collate, on March 29, 2024. This unveiling marks a noteworthy achievement in technological innovation, as these two multinational companies, recognized for their technological prowess, combine forces to introduce a groundbreaking software solution.

At KTX 2024, Collate was officially unveiled by Mr.Raffles Chan, CEO GITP Asia alongside Mr. Abdul Gafoor, President of Cafit. During the launch event, Raffles emphasized the profound advantages of a well-organized workspace, highlighting Collate's potential to benefit companies across various sectors. Furthermore, Raffles expressed his ambition to introduce this innovative product to the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets.

Collate: A Holistic Paradigm for Digital Workspaces

The brainchild of Codelattice and Netstager, Collate emerges as a comprehensive solution, encapsulating a company intranet portal, HRMS software, organization-limited communication, and a dynamic broadcasting medium. Positioned to address the challenges posed by scattered business applications, fragmented files, and communication bottlenecks within organizations, Collate stands as a transformative force in the realm of digital workspaces.

Collate acts as a unifying force, bringing together business apps, documents, files, and personnel within an organization onto a united online platform. Functioning as an efficient online office, Collate streamlines various facets of organizational management, offering a seamless and consolidated user experience.

During Collate's unveiling at the KTX 2024 technology expo, a host of innovative features came to the forefront, strategically designed to elevate various organizational processes. This suite of features encompasses an effortless onboarding and training system, simplifying employee transitions with a seamless onboarding and offboarding process. The software integrates a built-in Learning Management Solution (LMS), ensuring the implementation of efficient training initiatives.

Additionally, Collate introduces a range of utility apps aimed at enhancing overall productivity. These apps include key performance indicators, leave management tools, and a holiday calendar, all meticulously designed to elevate organizational efficiency.

The platform facilitates seamless integration with third party softwares and allows users of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 a unified sign-on experience. Furthermore, Collate streamlines the sign-up process for users with alternative email providers, contributing to a user-friendly and integrated experience.

Promoting cross-departmental collaboration, Collate fosters connections between diverse departments such as marketing, accounting, operations, etc. This collaborative approach aims to create a connected and synergistic work environment.

Collate introduces an organization-limited social media platform, offering a space for company-wide announcements and personal chats. This feature enhances communication flexibility and cultivates a sense of community among employees.

Providing transparency into organizational hierarchy and structure, Collate ensures that employees have a comprehensive understanding of their roles, reporting lines, and the overall structure of the company.

Furthermore, the software boasts a robust search feature, enabling quick and efficient information retrieval. Beyond this, Collate aids in the organized management of crucial company information, including documents, policies, contracts, and more. This multifaceted approach positions Collate as a transformative solution for modern organizational needs.

Vijith Sivadasan, CEO of Codelattice, and Prajeesh KK, CEO of Netstager, expressed, "Collate was born out of the challenges we encountered in our respective companies. It streamlines daily operations seamlessly. Once integrated, the software becomes an integral part of your routine, making it hard to recall how tasks were managed in the pre-Collate era."

Collate's qualities as an intranet portal bring a multitude of benefits to organizations, creating centralized information hubs, fostering enhanced collaboration, streamlining onboarding and offboarding processes, and offering efficient training methodologies.

The launch of Collate at KTX 2024 symbolizes a transformative leap in organizational efficiency, communication, and collaboration. The collaborative efforts of Codelattice and Netstager are poised to redefine the landscape of digital workspaces, contributing substantially to a more interconnected, productive, and efficient work environment.

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