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Codelattice launched a new age configurable Intranet Portal

Calicut, India - February 26, 2021
We have expanded in Europe

Codelattice with its vision to be the next-generation digital solutions provider launched a configurable Intranet Portal branded as to help organizations set up their own internal portal. At its core, Collate is a gateway that unifies access to enterprise information and applications. It is a collection of company documents, business apps, employee information, and much more.

The intranet portal helps employees find information more easily and perform their jobs better and enables new hires to quickly find their feet. In the words of Arya R Prasad, Head of Products and Solutions, at Codelattice, "Companies nowadays already use an array of cloud applications. Collate is a smarter way to bring all these apps in one platform and help enterprises present a holistic view of the company to employees in an organized manner".

The value-added capabilities of Collate such as managing workflows and allowing teams to connect across locations and departments make it the right fit for work-from-home generation. With its in-built HR Management system, Collate provides everything a company might need on a day to day basis. An authentic company platform gives a place and opportunity to share the company's vision with your teams and build a culture of oneness amongst the people in your organization.

Enabled with Google’s single sign on (SSO), one log in with Collate provides an automatic sign in to all other integrated business apps used by the company. Besides,Google SSO ensures security. This makes Collate ideal for small & medium enterprises, especially with Google Workspace (G Suite) subscription.

Vikas Mohandas, founder and CEO of Orange Interactive Technology, Dubai, remarked “ Over the past decade we accumulated tons of company documents, trackers, learning videos, presentations, employee records, etc. Finding the right document when required was like finding a needle from the haystack. But that before Collate. We now have a proper organisation and availability of our document repository.”

Although enterprises would like their own company portal, the cost of developing and maintaining such a platform is a major hurdle. Codelattice has made it possible for smaller companies to benefit from this affordable and customizable product.

“We believe that building good working relationships with team members will make every employee’s life more fulfilling and thus companies can produce more. An intranet cannot create a culture by itself – but it can further our efforts. Every organization needs Collate or something like it!” says Vijith Sivadsan, CEO, Codelattice.

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