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Chlorofill : Codelattice launches ‘tech-pots’ for urban gardens on world environment day

Calicut, India - Jun 5, 2021
We have expanded in Europe

Codelattice has announced the launch of its latest product, Chlorofill, a self-watering and self-caring smart pot for urban farmers and plant enthusiasts to mark world environment day 2021.

The product is designed and developed by Codelattice Labs, the research and development arm of Codelattice, and is an affordable, low-maintenance, self-watering, tech-pot for indoor and urban home-based plantations.

During these hard days when we are spending an enormous amount of time at home, it makes all sense to bring some greenery home and that is what Chlorofill does- minus the trouble of watering every day and constant vigilance.

The hassle-free pot alerts the owners when it needs water and nutrients and can be installed anywhere in a house- balcony, terrace, indoors, or courtyards.

Priced at about one-fifth of the typical smart pots in the market, Chlorofill is a self-sustaining and interactive pot. It works without batteries or electronics, yet communicates with the caregiver via an app when it needs water or a potting mix change.

Fitted with self-watering technology, Chlorofill can be placed anywhere and left to fend for itself as it has slow capillary action-based wicks that constantly water the soil from an inbuilt reservoir. This also ensures that there is just the right amount of water at any given point in time.

The potting mix used in Chlorofill is custom-made and is nourished with fungi for better rooting and growth.

“With chlorofill, a plant caregiver can just pour some water into the pot reservoir and forget about it till the app beams a refill request. Till then they can just sit and enjoy the greenery and the added oxygen at home,” said Vijith Sivadasan, CEO of Codelattice.

Chlorofill fills this gap while adapting well with the fast lifestyle of the urban crowd.The app offered with the pot also gives intuitive suggestions on what plants to plant and where in your house, depending upon the area and the number of people living there.

People in urban and developed areas spend more than 80% of their lives indoors, in air-tight offices and homes. Dabbing some green is not just good for the air quality but is also scientifically proven to improve mood and wellbeing.

“If it becomes easier to maintain, people will choose to make terrace and balcony gardens and even venture into growing vegetables, said Arish Saseendran, Chief Innovation Officer at Codelattice Labs.

Every chlorofill pot carries a QR code on it and this, when scanned, gives the exact details on the plant type, humidity, rainfall, geolocation and composition of the potting mix leading to intuitive interventions at the right time.

Chlorofill will be available for the public to buy by the end of September 2021. For more information

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