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Codelattice Sponsors Cafit Premier League 2023 to Promote Physical Activity and Community Spirit Among Calicut IT Industry

March 5th, 2023
Codelattice Sponsors Cafit Premier League

Calicut, Kerala - Codelattice, a leading technology solutions provider, has sponsored the Cafit Premier League 2023, a three-day cricket tournament organized by Calicut IT to empower the Calicut IT ecosystem. The event brought together over 600 techies from 50 CAFIT companies to showcase their cricketing skills and foster community spirit.

The event, held from 3rd-5th March 2023 at Calicut beach, featured a total of 48 matches with 50 teams, including 12 women's cricket teams and 38 men's cricket teams. The Cafit Premier League 2023 kicked off at 3 pm on Friday, March 3rd, and attracted a large audience of spectators who enjoyed the thrilling action.

“I hope that the coverage of CPL 2023 will inspire more individuals to participate in the exciting events that the future holds. It's an excellent opportunity to showcase the talent and enthusiasm of techies in our community, foster relationships and connections with others in the industry, and emphasize the significance of sports and physical activity for our general well-being. Congratulations to all the teams, organizers, and supporters who played a pivotal role in making CPL 2023 a resounding success.”, said Vijith Sivadasan, co-founder of Codelattice.

The event was a thrilling experience for all participants and spectators, and the achievements of the teams and the spirit of community among techies in the Calicut IT industry were recognized in the media. The event was covered in both print and visual media, further highlighting the importance of physical activity and community building.

The IT industry is known for its fast-paced and demanding nature, so it’s great to see companies taking time to encourage their employees to engage in sports and physical activity. Participation in events like the CAFIT Premier League can improve employees' physical health, boost their team-building skills, and foster a positive work culture.

Codelattice's sponsorship of the Cafit Premier League 2023 demonstrates its commitment to promoting physical activity and community spirit in the Calicut IT industry. The event has set a benchmark for future sports events, and its success will undoubtedly inspire more participation in the years to come.

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