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Official Reimbursements simplified by Xpense.Pro from Codelattice

Calicut, India - February 24, 2021
We have expanded in Europe

Managing expenses is the first accounting problem faced by any business. Yes, there are multiple ways to manage your business expenses and claim your reimbursements. But the overwhelming majority does nothing.

Xpense.Pro is a scalable travel and expense application suitable for small to mid-sized businesses. This simplifies and organizes a tedious reimbursement process, and it keeps all the receipts handy for annual tax filing or auditing. The user can create various teams as per the organization structure, projects, and categories of expenses as per the need. It allows for multiple expense reports that can be downloaded as a spreadsheet or CSV for employees, managers, and accountants. This will streamline the accounting process associated with reimbursements for the audits and tax filing.

Completely web-based, Xpense.Pro works with both desktop and laptop computers. A mobile app for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets is also included with all plans. Unlimited receipt scanning is offered in the application. Users can snap a photo of any receipt and upload it to XpensePro, where the Smart Scan feature will auto-detect and crop the receipt. Receipts can also be uploaded into XpensePro via a web browser as well. Xpense.Pro includes multi-currency capability, supporting more than 160 different currencies. When attaching users to a team, they can also be assigned to a specific approver or manager.

Xpense.Pro offers product support via email, with all support questions answered in the order in which they are received. Users can email support directly with a question. Xpense.Pro is an expense management and reimbursement application best suited for sole proprietors, consultants, and small to mid-sized businesses. Xpense.Pro offers complete scalability, with three plans for businesses and three plans for personal use.

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