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Codelattice partners with SankalpTaru for rural livelihoods and afforestation

Calicut, India - May 27, 2021
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Codelattice has partnered with SankalpTaru Foundation to plant a sapling and participate in rural livelihood support and afforestation as a part of its ‘Green & Sustainable’ initiative.

The company will plant nearly 200 trees in a year, one each on the birthday of every employee.

The employees will also receive a certificate and a link with the geotagged location of the spot where the tree is planted.

The QR code on the certificate enables employees to see the sapling at the spot it was planted and also log in to a database that records the growth of the trees using assigned tags.

The certificate comes with the location of the saplings. In time, the patrons can visit it and even watch it grow into a tree.

“We don't have to give up our day jobs to contribute to the environment. Just need the intention. While there is no mandatory CSR, start-ups like us should contribute what we can,” said Vijith Sivadasan, founder and CEO of Codelattice.

A wide variety of trees, including fruit-bearing, medicinal and native species, are planted at ecologically appropriate locales as a part of the program.

“It came to me as a pleasant surprise. When a sapling is planted on your birthday, you tend to wonder how your plant is doing now,” said Sajin M, senior iOS developer at Codelattice on whose birthday a guava was planted in rural Bellary in Karnataka.

The fruit bearing and indigenous species also support the local communities as they provide food, fodder and even prevent soil and land erosion in environmentally sensitive areas.

“Sustainability is a mindset and at the core of what we do at Codelattice. Our initiatives are a testament to that. Start-ups like us should join the movement to address the pressing climate crisis”, said Vijith.

According to research, a single tree produces approximately 19,452 kgs of oxygen in its lifetime. And a mature tree produces the amount of oxygen sufficient to sustain 10 human beings for a year.

The initiative also helps the company and its executives to feel directly involved in the process of afforestation, said Vijith.

The project is also in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG).

About Codellatice:

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