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Vijith Sivadasan - Founder, Codelattice

Vijith Sivadasan - Founder, Codelattice

Indian entrepreneur Vijith Sivadasan founded Codelattice in 2009 along with two partners and has since built up a business that grew from one to eight countries.

A technophile entrepreneur, Vijith is driven by an acute sense of detail and an insatiable innovative streak. He has a decade-long professional track record spanning across the globe and was exposed to deep and extensive corporate exposure at multiple levels of the enterprises he was associated with.

Young Entrepreneur:

Vijith was born and raised in rural Kerala in South India and started building software in his sixth grade. Deep into coding, he would very often lose track of time. He also had another major passion, something he didn't even recognise at that time. He was a helping hand to his father in his grocery shop every day after school. He counted, sold goods and kept books thus getting his first and basic lessons in the dynamics of intelligent money management.

Years later, Vijith used his entrepreneurial streak to see himself through college. Along with a challenging course in engineering, he also successfully ran a couple of small businesses to pay for his tuition and support himself.

But the dreams were bigger. "Two things were clear to me from school days - I am an entrepreneur and I would be a technocrat," he says.


Right after college, Vijith was hired by Infosys and the small-time entrepreneur turned into a full time engineer in the corporate mantle. Very soon, he was chosen for assignments onsite in the United States and set off on what turned out to be a series of extremely rewarding stints at global majors such as GE Healthcare, AON, and Northwestern Mutual in various capacities, worldwide.


In 2009, while working full-time with Infosys, Vijith co-founded Codelattice, a technology solutions provider. Equipped with his corporate exposure Vijith now had the necessary expertise and experience to accelerate his entrepreneurial journey.

For many years after that, he consistently served as an entrepreneurial employee before going full-time on his start-up in 2018. Since then, Codelattice has expanded by leaps and bounds and is now a global digital technology company delivering customer-centric solutions with a tech-first approach.


Vijith’s entrepreneurial interests do not stay limited to his start-up, but is diversified in an array of early and growth stage start-ups. Above-5, Booked Happy, Level74, Bayzon, and Digital Orange are some of the other Indian start-ups where he has investments.

Being a believer in mindful frugality and a practitioner of sustainability, he co-founded Igloopupa, an online platform where climate-conscious travelers can find carbon-negative vacation rentals.

A Mentor with an tech edge:

Vijith has been nurturing numerous companies globally, helping them grow and manage exits. He is also a Co-founder of V2Angel, an innovative technology incubator. His affinity for ingenious and creative ideas and his passion for aggressively hunting down path-breaking solutions has made him an excellent mentor for budding startups.

His impeccable and dynamic technical expertise and global exposure gives him a gleaming edge in the distinctive business pursuits and brings the best out of every concern he associates with.

He also specializes in managing investments in startups and in maneuvering creative, impactful, and futuristic strategies to build high-value enterprises.


Some of the most significant accomplishments of humankind have been witnessed right in the face of widespread skepticism. Human beings have overcome even the most pressing challenges through individual grit and determination.

Kites rise against, not with, the wind! Many times in life, fear of an adverse outcome stops us from going forward. Our mind inflates the challenges we face, forcing us to doubt our strategy, strength, and character. This is where having strong willpower helps us sustain.

I believe that each one of us is endowed with the strength and courage needed to face challenges head-on and to create new opportunities, not just for ourselves but for others as well. I hope that we manage to see those qualities within ourselves and the sense of possibility within us.

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We established Codelattice with this sense of infinite possibilities. As a young company we are poised for growth and want to be known for the simplicity and usability of our solutions and products.

We tackle every problem not just with an immediate fix but knowing it has a greater meaning and value in the days to come. We solve for the future.

Together, our team of leaders, partners, and stakeholders, stand as ‘the best troop,’ empowering and inspiring each other.

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